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Default Installing 75 mm, 3-pin, NN bindings ?

Our trusty old Karhu Kodiak skis bit the dust last spring. It was pretty
strange, 3 out of 4 of the skis lost the rear part of the mutigrade
laminate in the span of about 3 hours of back country exploring. We got
about 20 years out of them so no complaints.

Anyway, I just ordered some new skis and plan to move the old bindings
over since the old boots (pjaxor) are still in great shape and we have
no desire to get rid of them.

The question is where I can find instructions on how to drill the holes
for the bindings and what glue to use for the plastic foot-pads. The
bindings are TROLL NN, 75 mm, 3-pin.

I'd also be interested in any shop in the Los Angeles area that could be
trusted to do the job for me ... not a chain store with a HS kid who has
never installed a NN binding before.

Thanks for any leads.

Yes, the e-mail address works.