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Default Trying to revive my ski clothing

On 10/16/2013 3:11 PM, Walt wrote:
On 10/12/2013 3:17 PM, Bob F wrote:
I bought some Nikwax tech wash and TX direct wash in waterproofing to try on my
old, somewhat soggy gear. One Jacket and Bibbs in the machine now. Anyone have
any experience with this process they'd care to relate here?

Nikwax works, but don't expect the same level of waterproofness as when
the garmets were new. Much cheaper than buying new gear, of course.

Nikwax, either wash-in or spray on is DWR which means (Durable Water
Repellant) in other words it's not intended to restore waterproof-ness.
Waterproof is the job of the Gor-Tex (or other) mid-layer of the fabric.
The DWR keeps the outer fabric from becoming too soggy and heavy. If you
are having trouble with waterproof-ness, maybe the garment is too old
and the Gore-Tex is failing. An earstwhile son-in-law had a pair of very
old Gore-Tex pants in which the mid-layer membrane simply disintegrated
into small shard and powder. Not waterproof whatever.

And this is a test to see if my re-vamped system can poast to rsam.