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Default No More Nordic Norm 75mm?

On Feb 5, 8:50*am, Pavel314 wrote:
I wanted to get a pair of Nordic Norm 75mm boots for an old pair of
waxless skis that have been idle for many years. The old boots fell
apart after many years of use. I use waxables for long XC trips but
the waxless would be handy for just skiing around the farm after one
of our infrequent snowfalls.

It took several calls but I finally found a store that sold nordic ski
equipment here in Baltimore. The fellow told me that they don't make
Nordic Norm 75mm boots anymore. Is that true?


I don't think this is true at all. I read somewhere that 75 is still
the most commonly used/sold binding. Off top of my head it seems that
Whitewoods has a 75 boot. ? --JP