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Default what is more important in downhill, leg strength or aerobic capacity?

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Kurgan Gringioni wrote:
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Kurgan Gringioni wrote:

Uhh . . . the skiers I used to hang with were really, really good.
They were about equivalent to Cat 3 bike racers and triathletes and

Cool, I'm always looking for new ski partners. How about you join me
for a run down one of my favourite couloirs?
Perhaps I could even pick up a few pointers.

Therefore, I know what I'm talking about.

I'm betting on it or more to the point, you'll be betting your life
on it.

I've seen some of those couliers in magazines. Overblown. My studly
Cat 3 buddies would leave you in their dust.

I once saw some pictures of the TdF.
Looked like a walk in the park. What they thought was steep wouldn't even
make a good beginners hill at the local ski resort.
I'm sure any decent skier could leave those gay looking guys wearing

tights in their dust.

I agree.

The Sperminator will WIN THE PROLOGUE TOMMORROW!!!!!!

You heard it here first.

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