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Default TV documentary on ski lift economics

Ian Blake wrote:

On Fri, 19 Feb 2010 12:32:21 +0000, (The Older
Gentleman) wrote:

It might get a lot more interesting the current Mayor of Briancon has the mad
dream of linking up to Montgenevre that would join the Milky Way to the Serre
Chevalier system. Placing the fringe ski resort smack bang in the middle of a
mega ski area.

Personally I do not like the links in the Milky Way. It might not seem so bad
if you are staying in San Sicario but I stayed in Sestriere. Too many descents
by lift for a truly linked system. Desecnd by lift from Sauze to Sestriere,
descend by lift from San Sicario to Sestriere, descend by lift (mid station)
from San Sicario to Cessana Torinese, descend by lift from Sagna Longa to
Cessana Torinese.

Did you have to descend by lift because there was poor snow or because
there is no piste ?