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On Feb 19, 7:15*am, Switters wrote:
Well, some of the old regulars are out there reading.

Must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the snowboarding at the Olympics. *
The men's boarder cross was brilliant, with action all the way. *The
women's was perhaps a little less exciting, but just as eventful.

I agree that the men's final was exciting. With the XXs, I felt sorry
for Jacobellis -- would have liked to have seen her at least make the
final. If she's cleanly beaten at that stage, fine, but the way things
turned out was a bit of an anticlimax, IMO.

The snow for the cross seemed to be of poor quality. There were an
awful lot of unprovoked spinouts and falls, I thought. Collisions are
always a risk, of course, but wiping out because of ruts or bumps in
the surface is unfortunate. Some riders had trouble making it through
the *qualifiers* unscathed. Westcott was lucky to survive that stage.

Then the men's halfpipe rocked. *Clearly the race has been on for everyone
to learn the double corked 1080, but that final trick on the final run
from Shaun White - that was awesome. *It's funny watching the 13-yr old
kid in the Haakonsen videos grow up to be the undisputed Olympic champion..

It was smart and gutsy of White to go for broke on his could-have-been
"victory lap." Winning in truly dominating fashion is always more
memorable than easing home with a paint-by-numbers victory. I actually
thought White's X Games final run last month was better -- the Double
McTwist 1260 was smoother -- and he was nearly perfect at the Park
City competition. But there's no question that this second Olympic run
will be the one that remains part of his legend, and of the sport's
lore, for a long time.