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Default So, Two Buddha plays host to a TWIT? The end???

Here's a classic:

On Thursday, March 21, 1996 at 4:00:00 AM UTC-4, TC wrote:

Now for some serious talk TB. You constantly refer to yourself as a
shrink, sometimes you say un-licensed and sometimes you claim to be a
full fledged one. I cannot verify either. Being a shrink is not a
badge of honor, it is a job. While there are some good shrinks that
help people there are many shrinks that are quite crazy themselves.
Some shrinks even abuse their patients. Not all, but what if you are
one of those? All it means is that people trust a shrink with their
minds. Your rambles have vacillated between being nasty and delusional.
If anyone disagrees with you they are dumb and if some one gets
offended at your insults they can't take a joke. You are living in a
make believe world TB, you seem to be having trouble separating your
alter ego from reality. You make gross assumptions about my parents,
type of men that I might date and many other things that you
could not know about. You call every thing negative about you lies and
call others paranoid. It sounds like you are transferring some inner
hatred and some serious emotional problems to others. Denying it does
not make it so and quoting Phyco babble does not make you the sane one.

I will grant your wish and stop this thread since I have accomplished
what I wanted to. That was to point out to this news group how boorish
you really are. They will read your statements and mine and make up
their own minds. The only thing I do know is that for many here you
will be perceived as the pathetic creature you really are. Your status
here will never be the same for most. You are weak and insecure and
need the alter ego of a GOD to feel potent. I suppose you will continue
to look for women on line that are insecure enough to build up your
self esteem and praise you. Unfortunately you will probably still find
them. It is people like you that make the net a dangerous place for