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Default Can I set my own bindings?

"Suanne Lippman" wrote in message
I just bought a pair of Fischer skis and bindings over the internet for my
wife. (actually everyone local was out of stock for the year!)
The system is such that mounting the bindings and setting them for the
boot size is pretty foolproof. She is a very conservative skier, so
setting the adjustments at the very bottom of the scale (4) like her old
skis should be fine.
I am able to pop the boots out with what seems like a reasonable amount of

Is there any compelling reason to have an "expert" check this over; are
brand new binding likely to be really far off? If it were for me I
wouldn't worry about it, but I would hate to see someone else get hurt
because I would spring for a prudent expense.


If you need to ask........then the answer is YES.

Small expense.........big consequences possible if incorrect.

Get it done (and yours) at the same time as a base grind or complete tune-up
if you do not do your own. Talk nice to the tech, or even better, bring
beer. You can definitely consider the beer as a prudent expense.