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Default Can I set my own bindings?

On Feb 13, 5:24 pm, Walt wrote:
alf wrote:
Walt wrote:

What JQ and Norm said. Although when I had my bindings adjusted,
inspected & tested early this season it was only $15 and took all of
ten minutes. Depends on where you go, I suppose.

I would only add to go to some specialized ski shop. I left my son's
skies at Sport Authority chain and they were suppose to adjust/test
bindings just for $15. When I came to pick them up the bindings and
paperwork indicated two different numbers for one ski. They just tried
to play it out and finally the service gay change the setting to match
the paperwork to cover up his ... ugly.

Yeah, like tattoos, haircuts, and appendectomies, you don't want to do
it yourself and you don't want to go to the cheapest guy in town.

Hey, what's wrong with cutting my own hair? I mean as long as I'm not
the cheapest guy in town........ wait, I guess I am the cheapest guy
in town.... what's wrong with that?

5 days

I took mine to the demo center of the "best" ski hill in the state. I
was surprised it was only $15, but I didn't balk.

Other ski-only shops would charge $35 or $60 or so.

$60 for a release check? Does that include complementary Champaign and
a shoe shine while you're waiting?

I was told it is
worth to do at least once when bindings are new - a few % of them does
not hold to specs. Afterwards, once checked it is quite safe to adjust
them on your own.

You were told wrong.

You have to adjust them when new to fit your boots and you also have to
adjust them whenever you change boots. You should not try this
yourself unless you know how to adjust the forward pressure (aka
pre-load) - it's important to the release functionality and if you get
this wrong the DIN is meaningless.

I don't recommend changing your DIN away from the standard, but going up
or down a DIN point is an adjustment you can make yourself. If that's
what you mean by adjusting them on your own, then you're half right..

Standard advice is to get them serviced once a year, or whenever you
change boots. You can probably stretch this out to a couple years if
you're feeling lucky.