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Best wishes! My kids have yet to take any instruction. I mean, to
accept any. I just let em play around out there as long or short as
they like. Let them ski as they like. I encourage them when I see them
having fun and help them up when they fall. They've done this a couple
years now. They're 6 and 9. They're both now getting glide for the
first time and liking it plenty. They both do the same thing but
haven't skied together yet. Maybe they've seen each other a little.
They're usually in different parts of the woody yard. But they each
give a couple little running steps then do a little double pole then
glide a bit. That's what they like. Seems fine! I tell them to swing
their arms, bend knees and keep hands in front on slight downhills---
they ignore me. I like how the boy hums and sings a little as he goes
along---good sign there. The girl makes nature observations, so the
skis aren't bothering her at all---another good sign. Both are now
liking that little bit of glide. I put em on longer skis as they seem
to get more stable. Boots that fit, a quality binding, poles to
armpits. It all seems to work! Wait---my girl did listen to how to
herringbone and now says "I remember!" and plants her poles behind her
and gets right up the hill. --JP