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Terje Henriksen
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Jim Howe wrote:
Ok, more off topic - Russian is a Slavic language. Nordic does not
refer to a language, rather a group of nothern european countries -
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland (as well as a discipline
of skiing). Norwegian, Swedish, Danish (Icelandic) like English are
Germanic languages. Finnish is something completely different.

Icelandic comes from the old norwegian language, "Gammelnorsk". They didn't
change their language when the norwegian ppoulation changed to a more
danish-like during the union with Denmark.

I think Rus is thought to be what the Slavic inhabitants of the
regions now known as Russia and the Ukraine called the Swedish
Vikings that conquered them a 1000 years ago. Also, some argue that
Rus comes from Ros which is a region in Sweden.

Were not the swedish vikings asked to rule a part of Russia? I do not think
they conquerred the russians?

Terje Henriksen