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Default When it's not your time to die

In article,
The Older Gentleman wrote:
anyway, so she was loaded into the old-fashioned stretcher with one
rescue bod fore and one aft. You know the things.

Stokes litter.

It came to a halt 10 feet from the edge of a precipice. The rescue bods
caught up "looking shocked". I bet they did. They must have thought: "Oh
well, we're not going to get that one back."

Other similar Alpine horror stories exist.

An old roommate's favorite was from a long view. Said person fell and
slide a long rough way. The viewers from a distance was certain the
falling distance had killed the person. Part of the way down, the one
speck of a person separate and became two. They were certain the
climber has been cut in two.

After a few moments, one of the halves started crawling slowing to
the other half. The distant viewers could not believe this was

The 2nd dot was their pack.


Looking for an H-912 (container).