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Default Training polarization (Stephen Seiler)

Good for you, looking closely at the comparison groups. Those are
typically the bane of sports science studies, typically ignored by
journalists reporting results, a la Gretchen Reynolds of the NYT.

What's the reference? If no one posts more details, I'll stop by the
university library up the street to download a copy, assuming they
have access (or you can write Seiler).


On Sun, 7 Dec 2014 05:22:36 -0800 (PST)
Jon wrote:

I just watched the video a third time, this time stopping it to
examine the charts. An interesting takeaway was one of the last
studies examining polarized training in recreational athletes. Under
the most favorable assumptions, 10k race time was improved by around
8% for polarized trainers compared with around 1% for threshold
trainers. Thing is they don't give a measure of weekly training
hours, so it's hard to know just how "recreational" the runners are.
(They just give total training hours for the period of the study.)
The study appeared in a physiology journal that's fairly common among
medical professionals--would anyone happen to have access to it who
might be able to answer that question?