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Default Training polarization (Stephen Seiler)

Many years ago here there was discussion of Stephen Seiler's website
about training methodologies. We obviously don't get the same
traffic we used to, but here is a link to the video of his talk at
Entretiens de l'INSEP 2013, "Managing the distribution of training
intensity: the polarized model"

Extremely interesting, particularly the pointer to the german (?) test
where the same athletes did 6-week blocks of either threshold or
polarized training, and (independent of the order) avoid the middle
intensity "black hole" gave significantly better results for all of them.

His comments at one of the round tables are also worth watching:
- 14:44-17:20 (Seiler on individual differences)
- 23:48-29:05 (Seiler & Ingham on why does polarized training work)
- 31:29-end (Seiler on state of predictive models for coaches)

"Look in their eyes and see if they seem happy" is a better
prognosticator of performance than hormone levels. :-)


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