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prg39 July 10th 03 04:07 PM

New Zealand

"InMyTree" wrote in message
I think this might have something to do with it.. Mt Hutt, Coronet Peak

the Remarkables were sold the other year.. all for $12 million NZ.. thats
about 4 million pounds! That sounds pretty cheap to me.. I think someone
needed to be bailed out..

They were owned by Air NZ and following the downturn in passenger numbers on
their most profitable route following the event of 11/9 (or 9/11), and
combined with paying to much for Anset in OZ, nearly went bust until baled
out by the NZ Govt and are still struggling, cutting routes, etc, so any
non-core businesses (such as ski fields) were sold off...

But I just wish when they were doing resort developments they had have
planed in on something higher than a measly 2000m!

Not really on. Remember that this is a 'young' country (Canterbury recently
celebrated it's 150th birthday) and that the Southern Alps were unexplored
before the Pakeha (non-indigenous New Zealanders) arrived. Maori (different
tribes) did not live in the Alps either, unlike the European Alps where what
are now major resorts started as hamlets for summer farming and had path
NZ has a very, very strict conservation policy and it is very difficult to
obtain permission to build in the Alps.

Good skiing can be had in NZ, but be prepared to travel up/down to the
fields as most commercial fields do not have on-field accom unless you ski
at a club field such as Craigieburn ( Heliskiing
provides an other dimension to skiing (try Harris Mountain Heliskiing from
Wanaka or Queenstown - Mt. Hutt is too
commercial and if the car parks at the lift base (a 45 min car journey from
the bottom of the unsealed road) are full the road has been know to be
closed to people still arriving (this has happened at 08:00 am after a large
powder fall due to the amount of traffic already waiting at the base for the
road to open at 08:00).

Yes we are a long way from anywhere else, even Oz is a 3 hr flight
(Christchurch / Sydney) but this does not stop Aussies / Asians / Japanese
(especially) from skiing here.

Quite a few Western instructors (Canadians / Americans / Brits) do come over
too to work during the season having an Endless Winter, as do some of the
national teams for some 'off-season' training.


"Adrian D. Shaw" wrote in message
Yn erthygl , sgrifennodd
InMyTree :
All these ski fields are very small compared to Europe/North America..

longest run at the Remarkables would probably be about 2.5km, and its

as you like.. Coronet Peak is even shorter.. what really gets me about

Zealand is that they have some mountains over 3000m.. they could easily
rival Europe if they just built some lifts on them! Coronet Peak and

Remarables are less than 2000m asl! If they had another 1000m of

they would have some great fields..

That may be because they have a population nto much greater than that of
Wales (if I remember my figures right), and they are a long way from
anywhere else, except maybe Aus. They probably don't think it's worth


On the other hand, if they could be persuaded that there are a mass of
European skiers prepared to make the trek every European summer, maybe
it would be. But somehow I doubt we all would.

-- [email protected]
Adrian Shaw, Adran Cyfrifiadureg, Prifysgol Cymru, aber.
Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Cymru ac. uk

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