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jeff potter February 11th 09 04:41 PM

$10 for fine pair of first-ever tele skis...
I shoulda maybe put up notices at this group and the BC group. Doh!

I just sold my set of fine condition Swallow TR Alpine 210's on eBay
for $10.

They were the first production tele ski.

A bit long for me. But prefered by many.

These are a single camber metal edge ski with 70mm shovel and plenty
of sidecut. Probably not highly regarded today for tele per se but
darn they're still sweet skis. I don't know what the use-label would
be for them now. BC?

I had some Swallow 205's that I just killed the Breck bumps
with...until I bent one of 'em. It was hilarious what a difference 5cm
made but I just couldn't bump with the 210's.

I still have a pair of NOS Rossi tele racers... I liked those all-


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