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Jay Pique[_2_] February 18th 18 12:29 AM

My "meet" with Scott Abraham
I wasn't going to bring this up, but I actually met Scott Abraham once. I was skiing out west one day and went to the lodge for lunch, and happened to run into him. I walked up and said "hey - are you that guy from rec.skiing.alpine?!!" And then I started laughing in his face. He looked shocked, and then turned beet red, and started stammering. I chuckled a bit more and said "Relax, bro, I'm not going to hurt you - I'm just here for the skiing. But since I'm here - how about that proof of being in Viet Nam?" He started spluttering something about "terrorist" and then he made a lurching gesture and literally fell to the floor. I reached down to help him up but he batted my hand away and crawled over to the rails where you slide your food tray and attempted to pull himself up. Needless to say, those rails weren't up to the task. So you've got this irate, obese, uncoordinated blob, flailing around on the floor - food all over the place - screaming obscenities, and about 60 onlookers staring on in stunned silence. (Not unfamiliar to him, from what I've read). I made another effort to help him up, but he was (to his credit) able to wheeze out "blow me dumb****!!", before again collapsing on the floor. The last thing I saw was an Asian woman crumple when his ski-booted foot spasmodically shot out and basically took her knee out. It was MMA quality, really. It might have even been intentional. Then the crowd closed in, I was laughing too hard to eat, so I took mercy on him and left.

And that, my friends, is what happens on "a meet" with Scott Spittle Abraham.


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