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Harvard Horvath July 4th 19 04:51 PM

I just couldn't help myself
[Default] On Tue, 2 Jul 2019 17:48:49 -0700 (PDT), Trunky Abraham
wrote this crap:

Easily? Kewl. Post a verifiable identity and I will run your service record.

So now you have access to military records? Icaughtyoulyingagain.

Yep. Know somebody.

You know ****. Icaughtyoulyingagain.

Old rsa poster who works for the VA.

So what? I've never collected benefits from the VA so I doubt that
they have a file on me.

He thinks you are a pathetic, laughable coward and he is ashamed fo
r his country when you steal valor.

I didn't steal anything. Ask your butty.

You never went to college. Icaughtyoulyingagain.

C'mon, Huggies. Ridiculous. Icaughtyouchangingyourdiapersagain.
Everyone knows that I am a Roads Scholar with multiple
degrees from Hahvad, Stan's BBQ, MIT, and West Pointe.

Yeah right. Lying again. I seriously doubt that you ever finished
high school.

How ****ing drunk are you, Huggies?

Not drunk enough.

I've been to Seattle and it's a ********. Especially this time of
year. I'll probably never go back there.

Holy ****, a dumb**** who lives in Detroit calling Seattle a ********.

Sure do. Detroit is known as the Monte Carlo of the west.

Detroit is known as the anus of the continent, where God
would give the world an enema. You know about enemas, eh, Huggies?

You set a good example.

has great weather, casinos, auto racing, beaches, boat racing, and all
the things Monte Carlo is known for.

Except class, beauty, smart residents, gorgeous babes,
French babes, and camo diapers.

French women are hairy and smelly.

Seattle is a dreary little town
where the sun never shines, rainy, and the temp never gets above 50 in
the summer. Oh, I forgot to mention the homeless people living

60 and rainy today. First rain in two weeks. We needed it.
Now excuse me while I pack the van to head for North Cascades
National Park tomorrow. Whereas you can go
hike a brownfield in Hamtrack. Loser

It's, "Hamtramck," dumbass. And I go there to stock up on kiszka and
kielbasa. Of course it's not nearly as good as Hungarian hurka or

And I've been to that park. It's not as nice as the Yakima Valley.

You won't come to town because you might run into me.

Yeah, and I'd wreck my car.

That's what happens when you crap your diapers while driving.

No. It happens when I run into a wall of lard.


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